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Founder's Day @ GoS

Special thank you to Saricoya for the Fallout texture pack. There's so much good stuff in there but I wanted to make a nice grungy tile wall and this texture fit the bill. It started off chipped, cracked, and broken, but I was able to recreate to its pre-Fallout glory.

All art is by Fabian Ciaraolo.

Thanks to Lunie for slaving the curtain to the Right for me. I failed to note in the preview but the curtain is a 4to2 conversion by Nutty.

DOWNLOAD PSD - Pillow Fluff
DOWNLOAD PSD - Fallout Walls
DOWNLOAD PSD - Triomphant Textiles
DOWNLOAD PSD - Clever Curtain
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I saw this fireplace in a WCIF on Voleste/Milya's Tumblr and thought it was really cute! 
The texture is kind of obnoxious but if someone wants it I can upload the PSD.

Fireplace is found in Appliances > Misc

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I recently did a WCIF at GoS for more floors for me to abuse. I was linked to some great ones, but then decided to make more of my own! And then I knew I needed to share them with the Simblrs that have still stayed following me through a year-long dry spell. Thanks guys!

A few of the floors have 2 different colors, but nothing comprehensive.If you’d like the original textures I used to make these floors cause you’d like to make more colors, please do let me know!

Mediafire / SimFileShare

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Updating my DW with old downloads. This one is by request. ^_^

Mediafire / SimFileShare
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By Request - Here are my contributions to GoS' 2012 Advent. I'll repost hair in the future.

This is only available as a bulk download, but every folder is clearly named!

DOWNLOAD   |   SimFileShare

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This set is for FeyDecay (aka TheChangeling) because she asked. :)

If you do not have the original set of these I made as a GoS gift for Hodgekiss, please see under the cut!
See here for original set! )
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I spent two weeks too long with the EA textures on this greenhouse! Ugh! So here's a default using (what else) Goat's wood texture.

NOTE: When you draw the roof it will look green/white/blonde, as soon as you let go to finalize the roof it will turn into my textures. :)

Close-up w/Swatch

DOWNLOAD   |   DOWNLOAD (mirror)

DOWNLOAD PSD - If you want to choose different colors ;)

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Updating my journal, keeping stuff in one place!

Click the pics for links!

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Did you like my re-texture of CTNutmegger's fireplace but want to put your own spin on it? Here's the PSD!

Item you'll be re-coloring:

MTS Link to mesh


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AlfredAskew was talking about her frustration with a lack of medium lots (in terms of Sim capacity) - not starter, but not manses either.

This house came from that conversation. Although it's not exactly what AA meant, this was my first experiment. Also, this is my first ever lot upload. I'm VERY sorry for the quality of some of the pics. I have fought with both Fraps and Gadwin since moving to Windows 7 and neither is working for me thus far.

The lot is size 1x2 - I failed to note that on the preview.

Lots of pics and downloads under the cut )

DOWNLOAD Unfurnished (about 13,400 simoleons)
DOWNLOAD Furnished (about 40,000 simoleons)

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I created some walls for BPS's stocking stuffer holiday section. Check 'em out here.

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