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Soooo I really wanted a hot alien guy for my hood. Maybe a little bit of mean in the face, interesting hair...
So I made Zaphix. But then I thought, he is just a Sim - hot though he may be - there isn't a lot of alien in the face. So then I edited him further to add in some more alien/exaggerated features. The ZaphixAlienPlus package has larger, tilted eyes; more pronounced, higher cheekbones; a longer face, and more sunken cheeks.

Pick your poison! Either way he's pretty hot! [/shallow]

Zaphix - Alien
In Game Shot

Zaphix - AlienPlus
In Game Shot
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Updating my DW with old downloads

Lajita - Mediafire / SimFileShare
Custom Make-up created for Lajita - SimFileShare
Hassan - Mediafire / SimFileShare

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Updating my DW with old downloads

Cecilia - Mediafire / SimFileShare
Tiana - Mediafire / SimFileShare
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Hurray for racial ambiguity!
NOTE - Stefan has been packaged with some random, awful Maxis hair. Sorry, loves.

DOWNLOADSimFileShare Download


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Posting previously uploaded items from Tumblr! :)

Please note - This has defaults, install only what you want. :)



DOWNLOAD - Marna Ryan - SimFileShare Download
DOWNLOAD- Wrecking Ball Eyebrows - SimFileShare

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Sullivan's mate, but much fucking scarier.

DOWNLOAD - All credit for face sculpt to Yuichen
SimFileShare Download

If you just want the custom CC I created for her - Glasgow smile left, Glasgow smile right, small nose cut, right cheek multi-scratches - download here/SimFileShare!

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All Credit for face sculpt to [personal profile] kkkayleighh - available here

  - you know you want to. 'Cause he's so sex-ay. ^_^
SimFileShare Download

Pssst. If you only want the custom CC I made for him (beard recolor and cut over left eye) - Here ya go./SimFileShare
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Think you of the fact that a deaf person cannot hear.
Then, what deafness may we not all possess? What senses do we lack that we cannot see and cannot hear another world all around us?

    Wanna Yueh's favourite passage from The Orange Catholic Bible

This was my entry for a Sim challenge at GoS.  This is one of my favorite characters from one of my favorite books. The Lady Jessica of the Weirding Way. In the books she is described as having bronze hair and green eyes. I decided that she would be absolutely beautiful, but also calculating and almost cruel looking. She has had to deny herself status and love and is looked down upon by most of society despite her education and intelligence.

More Pics and Download )
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Kaya Littlebird is a member of the Hopi tribe. She has many characteristics indicative of her people: a wide face without pronounced cheekbones, deep-set eyes with a nearly monolid, a nose that does not protrude very far but carries a distinctive flair, and frank, straight brows. Kaya means "elder sister" in Hopi; I am hoping to share her brother Jack soon.

A special thank you to Jessthex whose skins [What Nature Gave Me] are so inspiring and so beautiful.

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