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This is an old gift from 2012 - Nymphy's Treasure Hunt at GoS



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This is not a new download, it was originally posted about a year ago. But the link was lost. Here it is again!


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Thanks to GoS for hosting yet another fun Easter Egg Hunt! Below are the two gifts I was able to contribute! <3

A long-time favorite bed now using wood tones instead of just white. Credit to Goat for wood textures.


Please forgive the BodyShop preview on this dress! It's a favorite of mine, now in some non-basic colors.


DOWNLOAD - PSD - provided by original creator, I have no claim!

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It was my honor to have dark_moon as my Blind Date for GoS' 2014 event!
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Here are my gifts to Nymphy! Hands down one of my favorite creators/simmers/mods ever; endlessly inspirational. ^_^  [/gratuitous gushing]

Not pictured - Mouseybleu default eyebrows. Also at link is a PSD collection for download.

Download all packages (no PSDs) - SImFileShare

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Updating my journal, keeping stuff in one place!

The Big Trade-Off, February 2013
- PSDs for most items at the post




Candle by Ja for Voleste - SimFileShare
Divider and Jumper for Aweeshie - SimFileShare
Paintings, Cherry Top, and Smudgey Punk for Nymphy - SimFileShare

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Updating my journal, keeping stuff in one place!

Click the pics for links!

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I've been saving my PSDs to Mediafire but I don't always remember to post them. Case in point - my GoS Christmas in July gift!

PSD for Buggybooz Kia Wardrobe

PSD for LMH Plant Clutter AND Ikea Bladet Plant Trio - being the genius she is LMH used the same template as the Ikea plant, so this works for both! Color all the things!

PSD for Sentate Peplum Top - Yeah, I cut off the arms, but the PSD will still work for a different alpha. :)

PSD for Floral Bustier
- previously posted, but for here for completeness

PSD for Bunhead jacci Skinnies - I'm in love with these pants and the shoes are perfect. ^_^  My PSD is not prefect however. It works absolutely aces with dark colors. But for light colors, you'll need to play with blending changes and opacities. However, the light tan pants included in my gift were made using this PSD so it DOES work. :)

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MrOstrichBird made some gorgeous recolors of this dress as a special gift. Inspired - I decided to attempt my second ever clothing recolors. Please let me know if you encounter any problems.


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