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Nov. 16th, 2020 04:40 pm
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Stealing this great idea from Nymphy!


* New Content - Almost anything Build Mode, wood floors in a range of colors,if you do a wall please use mouldings
* It's seriously impossible to have too many fences
* Conversion - B5 Studio Craftsman Chic - any part or all of it - Set 1, Set 2 - done by Tinkle @ BPS!
* Object Fix - Adele Xavier Lamp - Make the sheer curtain a subset instead of one of the two it's currently set for - thanks TheChemic!
* House Numbers Mesh - Using the Arts&Crafts numbers from  this site.

* Shoe Swap - These shoes on Curiona's recolors of Needlecreams outfit (on GoS? - can't find link)
* Conversion - Aekia Guinea - Shirt and two Skirts - for the longer skirt I'd love these shoes instead
* Pretty much any of Pixicat's shoes on pretty much anything, really. I like clunky boots, gladiator sandals (low and high), and flats. PLEASE NO t-straps or geldyh wedges (with the shine)
* Io's Jersey Dress with Pixicat's Platforms OR any TS2 low, chunky shoe
* FlowerMisty's 3to2 Baggy Hoodie - Recolors please! - Also lower socks or swap shoes completely. Your call on shoes!
* Io's Old Armor Dress - with pretty much anyyyy other shoe. :(
* Default - TurtleSweaterDress with Io's Old Armor Dress (hopefully after a shoe swap)
* Default - Sweats with my recolors of Migamoo's Athletic Shorts
* Default - Kasa with my gift recolors of Sentate's Catherine Jumper - two patterned ones + bright pink

* Hair Colors - Pooklet: Dynamite, Depth Charge, Volatile, and your choice of Explosive or Pyrotechnic; Unnaturals - Bastet, Kobald, and Shinji
* Conversion - Maxis Store Hair - Surfing Side Braid
* Fix the alpha on Lilith's Beautiful Mourning Lips so there's no line above the lip on dark skins & more colors
* Body Shop - Thick eyebrows (defined arch for females, please (guh)), make-up that works for a variety of skintones

* I like jewel tones and deep colors in general (please no neon objects)
* Goat's Wood textures on absolutely everything. Pooklet's naturals on woods - please no iCad.
* Recolors of pretty much anything I've ever made a PSD for - especially the Moroccan House Armoire since there is that new set slaved to it by Hafsie Azaele (please do the counters as well).

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