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2017-03-28 07:34 pm

Grass in Box - 4to2 by Foresty

Hmmmm. I think this was a monthly theme contribution?

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2017-03-27 04:04 pm

Founder's Day 2017 - Gift

Founder's Day @ GoS

Special thank you to Saricoya for the Fallout texture pack. There's so much good stuff in there but I wanted to make a nice grungy tile wall and this texture fit the bill. It started off chipped, cracked, and broken, but I was able to recreate to its pre-Fallout glory.

All art is by Fabian Ciaraolo.

Thanks to Lunie for slaving the curtain to the Right for me. I failed to note in the preview but the curtain is a 4to2 conversion by Nutty.

DOWNLOAD PSD - Pillow Fluff
DOWNLOAD PSD - Fallout Walls
DOWNLOAD PSD - Triomphant Textiles
DOWNLOAD PSD - Clever Curtain
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2017-03-27 03:59 pm

Maxis - Supreme Cabinet of Lesser Items

This was a fun gift for AlmightyHat after last year's BlindDate at GoS.

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2016-02-06 08:39 pm

Maxis Impossible Mission Counter - Custom and Default

Well! This is a brand-new upload - part of which was supposed to be in my Founder's Day upload for GoS.
Technically the custom files were in there but there was no preview and I was unable to complete the default in time.
So, if you downloaded my Founder's Day gift, you will not need the custom recolors folder. But the Default file may interest you. :)

Mediafire   |   SimsFileShare
PSD for Counter
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2015-12-30 04:16 pm

Assorted Recolors of OhBehave's Xi Living Sofa

Mesh is included. The PSD linked below is based on OhBehave's which she graciously made available, I've just separated out the layers a bit an put measurements.

Mediafire / SimFileShare

PSD for Xi Living Sofa

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2015-12-30 04:13 pm

GoS September 2015 Low Poly

Mediafire   |   SimFileShare

Included is the perfect OMSP for placing things in the little pocket shelves

Previous Recolors!
Secret Santa 2012 for Hodgekiss
Original Post by CuriousB with 13 inset recolors
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2015-02-19 10:16 pm

GoS Treasure Hunt 2012

This is an old gift from 2012 - Nymphy's Treasure Hunt at GoS



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2015-02-10 08:31 pm

PrincessBliss' Hobbit Door & Window

As requested by Feenix on the Wishing Tree @ GoS

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2015-01-02 10:09 pm

July 2012 - Maxis Match Gifts

These are not new uploads! For some reason I can't fix the links at GoS, so I'm posting them here.

There are custom folders and default files in this download! Please pick and choose what you install.


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2014-10-13 09:09 pm

Io Dress with Boots

This is not a new download, it was originally posted about a year ago. But the link was lost. Here it is again!


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2014-04-25 05:21 pm

Mirake Leyris Sink

Released for the first time since the February Decorating Challenge, here is a simple and gorgeous sink by Mirake!

Pic by Zora Graves, Wood Textures by Goat, and Basin Texture by Adele.


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2014-04-25 10:22 am

GoS - Easter Egg Hunt 2014

Thanks to GoS for hosting yet another fun Easter Egg Hunt! Below are the two gifts I was able to contribute! <3

A long-time favorite bed now using wood tones instead of just white. Credit to Goat for wood textures.


Please forgive the BodyShop preview on this dress! It's a favorite of mine, now in some non-basic colors.


DOWNLOAD - PSD - provided by original creator, I have no claim!

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2014-02-23 09:41 am

GoS - Blind Date 2014

It was my honor to have dark_moon as my Blind Date for GoS' 2014 event!
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2014-02-21 06:06 pm

GOS - Advent 2013

This post was previously posted at GoS as a special Advent Gift!

Please see many other pictures at GoS...

DOWNLOAD (Whole Set)
DOWNLOAD (Custom Packages - No defaults!)

SimFileShare - has all packages, including defaults

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2013-10-19 04:24 pm

375 & 400 Followers Gifts

Posting previously uploaded items from Tumblr! :)

Please note - This has defaults, install only what you want. :)



DOWNLOAD - Marna Ryan - SimFileShare Download
DOWNLOAD- Wrecking Ball Eyebrows - SimFileShare

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2013-09-28 11:25 am

CTNugmegger's Fireplace - Set 2

This set is for FeyDecay (aka TheChangeling) because she asked. :)

If you do not have the original set of these I made as a GoS gift for Hodgekiss, please see under the cut!
See here for original set! )