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- No paysites ever. Please do not include anything I have recolored in a house or on a Sim that is uploaded to a paysite.
- Please feel free to recolor any hairs I re-texture. I will never make neons (with a very few exceptions) so go ahead! I'd really appreciate credit. :)
- Please credit with the name ZeroDark and a linkback to this journal.

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Nov. 16th, 2020 04:40 pm
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Stealing this great idea from Nymphy!


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A Desperately Seeking post reminded me of a cute set of doors I made for MSWN over at GoS four years ago. I especially like the kickplate I added at the bottom of the door, just one of the details, you know?


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Hmmmm. I think this was a monthly theme contribution?

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Founder's Day @ GoS

Special thank you to Saricoya for the Fallout texture pack. There's so much good stuff in there but I wanted to make a nice grungy tile wall and this texture fit the bill. It started off chipped, cracked, and broken, but I was able to recreate to its pre-Fallout glory.

All art is by Fabian Ciaraolo.

Thanks to Lunie for slaving the curtain to the Right for me. I failed to note in the preview but the curtain is a 4to2 conversion by Nutty.

DOWNLOAD PSD - Pillow Fluff
DOWNLOAD PSD - Fallout Walls
DOWNLOAD PSD - Triomphant Textiles
DOWNLOAD PSD - Clever Curtain
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This was a fun gift for AlmightyHat after last year's BlindDate at GoS.

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Gift for Spooky Dip 2016 at GoS!

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Participation Gift for GoS. Previously shared on Tumblr.

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Soooo I really wanted a hot alien guy for my hood. Maybe a little bit of mean in the face, interesting hair...
So I made Zaphix. But then I thought, he is just a Sim - hot though he may be - there isn't a lot of alien in the face. So then I edited him further to add in some more alien/exaggerated features. The ZaphixAlienPlus package has larger, tilted eyes; more pronounced, higher cheekbones; a longer face, and more sunken cheeks.

Pick your poison! Either way he's pretty hot! [/shallow]

Zaphix - Alien
In Game Shot

Zaphix - AlienPlus
In Game Shot
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I saw this fireplace in a WCIF on Voleste/Milya's Tumblr and thought it was really cute! 
The texture is kind of obnoxious but if someone wants it I can upload the PSD.

Fireplace is found in Appliances > Misc

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This upload was originally an exclusive participation prize for a GoS event. Eyebrows taken from this pic of Jude Law.  I advise caution opening this pic if you have a heart condition.

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Well! This is a brand-new upload - part of which was supposed to be in my Founder's Day upload for GoS.
Technically the custom files were in there but there was no preview and I was unable to complete the default in time.
So, if you downloaded my Founder's Day gift, you will not need the custom recolors folder. But the Default file may interest you. :)

Mediafire   |   SimsFileShare
PSD for Counter
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I recently did a WCIF at GoS for more floors for me to abuse. I was linked to some great ones, but then decided to make more of my own! And then I knew I needed to share them with the Simblrs that have still stayed following me through a year-long dry spell. Thanks guys!

A few of the floors have 2 different colors, but nothing comprehensive.If you’d like the original textures I used to make these floors cause you’d like to make more colors, please do let me know!

Mediafire / SimFileShare

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Mesh is included. The PSD linked below is based on OhBehave's which she graciously made available, I've just separated out the layers a bit an put measurements.

Mediafire / SimFileShare

PSD for Xi Living Sofa

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Mediafire   |   SimFileShare

Included is the perfect OMSP for placing things in the little pocket shelves

Previous Recolors!
Secret Santa 2012 for Hodgekiss
Original Post by CuriousB with 13 inset recolors
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Part One is Here
People who get pissed off about file names not being right beware! This is from 4 years ago - I'm not going through and fixing it all. :(

BED - Mediafire  /  SimFileShare
ENDTABLE - SimFileShare

Turning Tables - SimFileShare
Right Now - SimFileShare

Earth Angel - SimFileShare

Wavy Gravy - SimFileShare

You Talk Too Much - SimFileShare - this file is bloated and I no longer remember why. Sorry for the size!
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Updating my DW with old downloads. This one is by request. ^_^

Mediafire / SimFileShare
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Updating my DW with old downloads. I don't remember what purpose these were created for, but they haven't been available to download for over a year! :)

Mediafire / SimFileShare
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